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Nepali coinage for Tibet

Biligual sino Tibetan coins

Kongpar Tamka

Ganden Tamka

Kar, Sho and Sang coinage

Chinese coins for tibet


Ration coupons

 tibetan coin books:

coin catalogue by Yin Zhen Min: 24,99

krung govi bod kyi dngul:

A Study of Tibetan Paper Money by Wolfgang Bertsch

The Currency of Tibet by Wolfgang Bertsch

Geld aus Tibet by Karl Gabrisch

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Listen to Tibetan songs!

This opens a new window from Qinghai Tibetan Radio Service! You can listen to the songs while looking at my coins! Just click the below links. (seems somehow to work only with the Internet Explorer!)


Lta bya
Sems nang gi ri mo
Stod ri rgyal ri yi ri 'go
Gangs can pa
Gangs phrug gi smon lam
Nga yi rmi lam
A ma'i 'dzum 'dangs
A khu pad ma
Bka' drin ma brjed
Glu de ring mi len nam re len
Sems kyi rma khugs dang po
Ngo mtshar che
Ma brjed
'Brog pa'i bu mo
Chung 'dris byams pa
Ma skyes a ma
Kha ba can kyi glu ba
De ring nyi ma skyid la shar
Gangs dkar po shel gyi mchod rten red
Rdung len bstud len
Rig pa'i grogs po
Zla ba sgrol ma
Lo gsar rgya lo tshes gcig
Smon lam
Sa 'og log gling gi pha yul red
Nga tsho na chung bu mo
Bod gdong dmar tshang

all songs as one file (some hours of music!)

These music links might be temporary. Please report dead links!

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