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 tibetan coin books:

coin catalogue by Yin Zhen Min: 24,99

krung govi bod kyi dngul:

A Study of Tibetan Paper Money by Wolfgang Bertsch

The Currency of Tibet by Wolfgang Bertsch

Geld aus Tibet by Karl Gabrisch

For more books in Tibetan language see:




a beautiful page by myself on Chinese Ration Coupons, so far mainly the minority areas like Tibet, Inner Mongolia, Xinjiang, Guangxi (it is still under construction, but one can see already some of the enornous effort):


and here the link to it's online store:


or interested in little antiques from Tibet:


I have a new project going on: it does not really fit with my coins ... but this is a birdwatching site for Tibet. I show pictures if the birds I can find here:




A Study of Tibetan Paper Money by Wolfgang Bertsch


Wolfgang Bertsch, A Study of Tibetan Paper Money with a Critical Bibliography, Library of Tibetan Works and Archives, Dharamsala, 1997,
9, 93 p. with bibliography.

bertsch tibetan paper money

This book by the leading Tibetan coin specialist Wolfgang Bertsch is a comprehensive catalogue on all Tibetan banknotes.

It includes the history of the production of notes, descriptions of the notes and their symbolism, explanations and translations of the inscriptions, the seals and the serial numbers on the banknotes, as well as a Bibliography of 64 publications in western languages and 21 publications in Chinese.

For the specialist there are tables of the serial numbers of all years as well as data about the amount of banknotes printed every year. It also includes detailed descriptions of the production of banknotes and the printing process.

The best book about Tibetan banknotes!






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